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Therapy to help you prevent or heal from a vocal injury/change.


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Therapy to help with speaking, listening, reading or writing following a stroke or brain injury/change.


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Therapy to help you compensate for memory or cognitive changes that are impacting your daily life.


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Swallowing Therapy, such as the McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program (MDTP), to strengthen and coordinate your swallow and reduce your risk of aspiration.

Speech Sound & Motor speech

Speech Therapy

Therapy to help you produce sounds and words more clearly in order to improve the way you communicate with others. 


Dermatology Consultation

Treatment to improve your communication by increasing vocal loudness. 

Accent modification & gender affirming voice

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Services to modify how your speech sounds. Work on vocal pitch, intonation, voice quality, resonance, fluency, articulation, pragmatics, and vocalization.

Professional voice


In addition to her work with patients, Nicole is in demand as a vocal coach to artists and professional voice users all over the nation.

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