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In addition to her work with patients, Nicole is in demand as a voice instructor and vocal coach to singers and professional voice users all over the nation. She offers individualized instruction to help people optimize their voice.

Nicole is a Singing Voice Specialist (SVS)...a singing teacher with special training that has equipped

her to practice in a medical environment with patients who have sustained vocal injury. 


She is an NCVS trained Vocologist and holds a master of science degree in speech-language pathology.

She has trained under some of the top voice experts in the field,

from voice instructors to voice scientists and surgeons. 

As a seasoned performer and musician, Nicole understands the great demands that professional voice users face.

This knowledge, in combination with her expertise in voice science and physiology, allows for her to connect with clients in an authentic and meaningful way that continuously produces great results. 

Voice Disorders: Store Policies

Vocal Coaching & Maintenance 

Nicole has worked with singers and voice actors of all levels, from amateur performers to multi Grammy Award Winners. She provides individualized coaching based on your unique voice. 

She offers in-person and virtual sessions, as well as world-wide services to travel with clients on tour on in the recording studio. 

As part of helping voice users optimize their vocal efficiency, Nicole has been trained in laryngeal massage. This type of massage allows for tension to be released in the muscles that surround the larynx/voice box and allows individuals to sing and speak with greater efficiency and prevent vocal injury.

Book a free consult to determine what will best fit your needs. 


Nicole performing with the Zac Brown Band and Lukas Nelson at Fenway Park

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