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Are you having difficulty speaking, listening, writing or reading after a stroke or brain injury? You might have aphasia.

Aphasia is due to an injury to the brain - most often from a stroke, head trauma, a brain tumor or infections. 

Aphasia can affect every person differently. It can cause mild to severe communication difficulties, and it can affect speaking, listening, writing and reading

A person with aphasia may:

  • Speak in short or incomplete sentences

  • Speak in sentences that don't make sense

  • Substitute one word for another or one sound for another

  • Speak unrecognizable words

  • Have difficulty finding words

  • Not understand other people's conversation

  • Not understand what they read

  • Write sentences that don't make sense

Voice Disorders: Store Policies

Speech Therapy can help you regain some of your communication abilities, as well as learn new ones. 

Your brain is capable of creating new networks, of changing and adapting, even years after a brain injury!

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