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Meet Nicole: Meet The Team
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Nicole Gallegos is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and NSVT trained Vocologist. She specializes in providing voice, speech and neuro therapy. She is dedicated to helping people communicate and vocalize to their full potential.

Nicole has knowledge and experience in providing therapy to patients affected by stroke, TBI, aphasia, head and neck cancer, swallowing and voice disorders, voice and accent modification, neurodegenerative diseases, receptive and expressive language deficits, social pragmatic communication disorders, articulation and speech sound disorders.


Nicole is an NCVS trained Vocologist and holds a master of science degree in speech-language pathology from the University of New Mexico. She has trained under some of the top voice experts in the field, from voice instructors to voice scientists and surgeons. Nicole is dedicated to applying the highest level of research and clinical practice to every client she works with.

She also holds certifications in LSVT LOUD, SPEAK OUT!, Myofascial Release, Buteyko Breathing Method, Resonant Voice Therapy, the McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program and is trained in many other voice, swallowing and speech modalities and techniques.

As part of helping voice users optimize their vocal efficiency, Nicole has been trained in laryngeal massage. This type of massage allows for tension to be released in the muscles that surround the larynx/voice box and allows individuals to sing and speak with greater efficiency and prevent vocal injury.

You can find her with her family in Corrales, New Mexico, on the road with Grammy Award winners, in the recording studio helping artists achieve optimum results or in the therapeutic setting.


As a seasoned performer and musician, Nicole understands the great demands that professional voice users face. This knowledge, in combination with her expertise in voice science and physiology, allows for her to connect with clients in an authentic and meaningful way that continuously produces great results. 

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